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He's name is Yoann"Zephyr"Leroux and he have been practicing Parkour/Freerunning for 14 years.

-Founder of ELEMENT-IV (PK/FR team) 1999 -Founder of Element IV expression corporelle extrême (Association) 2006 -Founder of FRENCH FREEUN FAMILY (French professional team of PK/FR/TRICK/STUNT/PROD) 2009 -International Athlete for UFF in 2009 till 2010 -International Athlete for WFPF in 2010

Practices : Parkour/Freerunning, Acrobatic Stunt Arts, Martial Arts Tricking, Extreme Sports, Climbing, Roller Blading, All urban movement, Hip-hop and B-boy, Traveling and meeting new people, and more…

PODIUM Red Bull ART OF MOTON and others Compétitions :

1st in the WFPF/RED BULL “Art of Motion” (Tampa, FL) 2011 4nd place in the WFPF/RED BULL “Art of Motion” (Boston) 2011 11nd place in the Barclaycard Championship (London) 2010 2nd place in the RED BULL “Art of Motion” (Vienna) 2010 3nd and 5th place in Parcouring Tournament Germany (Berlin)2010 1st Place and 7th place in FAST BREAK Parcouring (Berlin) 2011

Watch him: On the WFPF’s “Crash Tour” East Coast on www.ParkourPlayhouse.com

Yoann's philosophy Bold text

For me Parkour is a life experience, an evolution which nourishes the self and the personality of the person who practices it. Above all else, it is a physical and mental method to prepare our body and spirit, which sharpens our senses of touch, sight and reflexes. The body forges and sharpens itself like a weapon which should not be used to its maximum except in the case of absolute necessity by its owner. For me, someone who uses it in all its forms, whether it be freestyle or utility, it remains for me an art, a passion, a vocation.

The generations evolve, Parkour evolves, but the basis of Parkour stays the same. At this point, we can’t change the older generation, so it’s up to the new generation to take up the baton and move, without any second thoughts, as a new Parkour emerges and evolves.

Parkour I can’t define Parkour, or frame it, but to me Parkour means a individual sport and technical training, in Parkour you need to be ready in every dangerous situation for you or someone . physical and mentally training without unnecessary movements you need to be fluid , technique with a good precision and to be aware of your environment.

Freerun (Free-running) it's a opening way of parkour creating a mix of Urban Arts, which mix together to create ones own personal style. Martial Arts, Dance, Acrobatics all mix together with Parkour creating a kind of “sandwich” which I like to call “Free-style Parkour”. Parkour is the bread and the other Urban Arts are the ingredients that you choose to put between the two slices! Parkour is the best beginning for express your self in free-running I think.

And the best thing about Parkour is the “lifestyle” as we experience this lifestyle every moment, every second of the day as we are not only a family, but a community which pushes its limits whether it be against oneself or against the street.

So if you ask me for try to do parkour or freerun I say " go to visite every PK/FR community in the world , do a hard training and trust your movements , and when you start to touch your dream never forget WHO YOU ARE and where you from" .

YOUTUBE : http://www.youtube.com/user/yoannlerouxHD?feature=mhee

FACEBOOK : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yoann-Zephyr-Leroux-officiel/147177128686460

Interview MAG XXIV*7

link : http://24-7mag.com/?s=yoann+zephyr+

Yes, the last time we've met with the others during our interview with David Thomson from the WFPF. On my side every thing is fine, I went back to France to take good care of the association I run as director ( ELEMENT IV ), and since, lots of things happened.

I went to Berlin, Germany, then to Florida, USA. But it's just the beginning of my big trip.

Yes and no, my last trip to Miami was just to go back to Ybor City, the place were I won my first Red Bul art of motion competition and to talk to the people who recognize me in the streets. Berlin was the first destination of my "ZEPHYR WORLD TOUR 2011". Berlin is the first step of this big journey.

"The Zephyr World Tour" is the finalisation of a project I had in mind since 2007.I dreamed of a world tour and I actually gave myself the opportunity of making it real. My goal is to stay as close as possible to the street tracers and freerunners. I consider that as the best practice in the world to increase my skill and vison of Parkour and Freerun. A trip through good and bad experiences, workshops, JAMs, compétitions, those moments are part of the best experience one can have. I have often been alone with myself and the street and kept practicing under all conditions. It's time for me to discover the world, Germany , Mexico , Bulgaria ,America , Austria, Japan, China and so many others. I come to discover your towns and go back with this experience in my hands.

For the moment I'm just at the beginning of this adventure, but it's incredible to see that everyone who practice is "in love" with it. It's amazing to see the impact I had on all generations since my beginning with the All star Team of UrbanFreeflow until my victory with the WFPF in the Red Bull art of motion of Tampa 2010.

Yes, for a few years now, I've travelled a lot lot and got to know many athletes and performers. I admire the diversity of athletes styles in competiton as well as in the street. Mine is based upon improving the best styles and technics. I really appreciate Jason Paul, but I think the person that surprised me the most is Brian Taylor by his way to coach whithout being the most well known athlete.

The French 3run Family is the international team of K.O.S World Parkour and Freerun Production (king of street).

It is composed of professional athletes from cinema, video productions, photos and extreme sports.

About the new generation, I mean after David Belle or Sebastien Foucan even Yamakasi who just were the initiators, but didn't adapt themselves to the evolution of PK/FR in the world. Our generation gave back order to the world of parkour et freerun and I congratulate it for that. Our job is coaching, accompany and transmit those new values and technics that will, probably, not be followed by the next generation as well. The old generation ( I call "silent generation" ) had a great impact at the beginning and then stayed silent for a few years. I'm confident in the new generation which succedeed gathering, listening, and respecting those who have created our "new way of life". I have a lot of respect for the "ancients" and even more for the actual work of the next generation.

Yes, as many others I have an association called ELEMENT-IV, created 4 years ago with the athlete Christophe ER picot ( my best friend ). It's based in my home town (Saint Michel sur orge) beetween Lisse and Evry, where I coach 30 to 50 persons depending on the year. The goal of this association is to teach Parkour , Freerun , artistical martial arts and stunt. You probably know some of my "pupils" like Edwin Condette (all star team , UF) or Adrien Rousseau (team espoir , UF), but many others will appear soon.

I'm proud of those young guys I've been coaching since they begun as Adrien who was a football player before coming to PK/FR as lots of kids. To join the association, it costs 50 euros a year, a form to fill and 3 coaches will share their experience with you, sometimes we have guests that join us to share their experience. If you want to practice with me, just organise a workshop in any country and I'll be glad to join you according to my planning. I personnaly exclusively practice in the streets, very occasionnaly in a gym. My favorite spot is Passerelle Beauvoir in Paris Bercy (zéphyr's bridge) where I really improved my physical and mental experience using David Belle's parkour method.

mail to "yoannlerouxfr@hotmail.fr" to create a workshop with me

LOL, in my association, 3 persons also wear a tail, my girlfriend and two kids I like to consider as my own children. Yes, since my perfomance in RED BULL AOM, many wear people tails now...

My tail is only a part of my style, don't forget my beard and my mask whitch are the main elements of it.

The beard was inspired by an American wrestler Jeff Hardy that my friend "Svir" made me discover. The mask you can see on the first page of the magazine "Jump" after I first met EZ and Urban Freeflow, comes from one of the bikers in the movie "Biker Boyz", many people want to have it as well as my tail.

Talking about the tail, the inspiration is form the "monkey king" legend which is one of the five most legendary chinese tales. Sun Wukong, is The Monkey King that appears in lots of mangas like "Dragon ball Z" with Sangoku or in Naruto (The pole of 5th hokage).

My style represents my personnality, that's why I think that copying it is not good for the one who copies it. I'm glad that many people like it, but my personnality should be respected, each one should create his own style.

About my first experience of PK/FR I'll let my father answer as I was too young to remember...

Yoann was about three years old when we went on holidays in Tunisia in a holiday resort. On the way to the beach a little wall was along the trail, going higher progressivly. Yoann climbed it at the beginning and kept on jumping down every meter or so. At a certain height he seemed hesitating and asked me if he could jump from that high. I answered "if you don't feel it, don't do it", he jumped a few seconds after... I'm glad he still uses this advice, maybe the only one he has retained...

It's difficult to answer this question. The biggest obstacles I had to face are probably the ones I psychologically gave myself like willing to win the RED BULL ART OF MOTION or becomming a world wide known athlete. Like for all performers the most difficult is to try to live my life without having regrets about my choices. It's possible to come over fears or physical problems, but taking the right decisions without regrets is more difficult.

3 practices a week plus moving on week-end according to JAM's, but I have other activities. As I previously wrote, I'm a "street boy" and learnt almost everything there, I didn't use a gym more than 10 times within 24 years. It makes a big difference beetween the sweetness of a gym with all the provided protections and the roughness of the street. Those who abuse the gym might loose self confidence in front of real obstacles. But keep in mind that street practice needs precautions and control of the training, it would be unresponsible to over ride your capacities so those who do that didn't understand at all Parkour and Freerun philosophy. You have to proceed step by step and if I didn't, I'd probably not be talking to you with all my physical capacities...

I have played Rugby for 6 years in a club, never practiced gymnastics, I did some "weight lifting" for a year with the French army, but my physical condition comes from my practice of outdoor Parkour under any weather conditions.

I wake up at 8:00 for breakfast, then go the direction of the train station to Paris and the Zéphyr's bridge. At 9:30 warm up and beginning of practice. At 12:00 I have lunch always in the same little snack, around 1:00 direction Châtelet for practice and chat and promotion with people in the street interested by what I do. then I make my "little show" in front of a friends shop in exchange of a drink or ice cream because it sometimes gets hot... Around 8:00 back home by train having fun on the way, arrival at home where my mother asks me how was my day, so I answer " OK, no problem, I get shot only once a day..." and finally I join my girl friend and the rest is none of your buisness... ;p

Yes, I do have many projects with productions and sponsors and the competition season starts with the RED BULL AOM in London on March 20th. It'll be my first competition for 2011, followed by some Parkouring in Germany, my career and planning are getting quite busy, but I keep time to stay close to the guys on the street and to keep my feet on the ground and my head clean, I must never forget where I come from.

I take the competitions as I do with Jams, they allow me to get back in touch with friends and athletes world wide. Most of the competitions are more like shows, even if during them, every athlete tries to show his best skill, result of years of work, courage and blood left on the walls. We like to share with the friends of the street and the real competition is in front of myself in the street. That's the way I deal with life and my evolution is a struggle against myself.

Thanks to all of you and specially to you Cory and to all my friends. If I had to give an advice it would be, don't forget the parkour method, even for the freerun, it's over all a question of method. Respect your body, the people around and your environment. Don't look for glory, it'll come to you if you deserve it ( but luck is beeing at the right place, at the right moment with the right persons...).

"Don't speak just run " forget this world of parkour et freerun .

"Touch and stay facing this wall, which gave you so much joy and pain to make you grow, it's also called life"

Yoann "ZEPHYR" Leroux