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A wall inward frontflip is a wall trick where you run straight towards a wall, plant one foot on the wall and do a loser off the wall, essentially this is just a front flip travelling backwards away from the wall[1]. You can also do a two footed inward frontflip which is the same movement except you take off two feet instead of 1.You need to learn how to do a regular front flip first.

[edit] Variations

  • Two-step wall inward frontflip - Two steps are made up the wall before pushing off into a frontflip
  • Wall inward frontflip 180 - To do the wall inward frontflip with a 180 twist.[citation needed]
  • Wall inward double frontflip - To do a double front flip instead of a single. This has only been attempted in a gym and never been landed. [2]

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[edit] Notes

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