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Thomas Tarbuck (Second from right) at Chris Jones's party


[edit] About Tom

Thomas Tarbuck (born 17th May 1994) is a 15 year old male from Liverpool. He currently trains in MMA training at Next Generation. He used to train in parkour for a little over two and a half years. Although he has quit from the world of parkour. He has said that when he "feels ready, he will start up again."

[edit] Parkour/Freerunning

Thomas Tarbuck had gained an interest in parkour after seeing various children from his school participating in this urban sport. He quickly gained an interest in this sport and went out a following weekend with his friends and attempted to do parkour. Thomas has also inspired his friend Khalid to start parour after he saw Thomas in school doing parkour. After a year into training Thomas had learnt how to frontflip, it was after this he gained a huge interest in flips and started to go to Airborn to learn more flips. Over the next months he started to train more in freerunning than parkour and had learned to Aerial Twist and Side Flip.

[edit] Quitting Parkour/Freerunning

Around two and a half years training Thomas had slowly started to lose interest in parkour and freerunning, this was mainly due to his interest in mixed martial arts as he wanted to start training in this. In september he officialy quit freerunning and started MMA, training at next generation gym along with his friend Khalid.

[edit] MMA

In september after quitting parkour tom had started MMA and started to train at next generation gym along with Khalid and various other friends. He still continues to train and hopes that one day he can start to fight professionaly. Although he rarely goes gym anymore and is a major niggerfaggot.