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The current Tempest Freerunning team members

Team Tempest, also known as Tempest Freerunning[1], are an American free running team based in Los Angeles, California. Paul Darnell originally came up with the idea, and introduced Victor Lopez, Rich King and Gabe Nunez to form the original four-man team[2].

"A four man team dedicated to applying the power and force of a storm to their passion for freerunning. Tempest was set to pursue the dream of making a mark in the freerunning world, by adding style, creativity, and dedicated focus to the sport."[2]

After making a name for themselves in the free running world, with video releases such as I Freerun LA[3] and many professional performances under their belt[citation needed], they began to recruit more team members.

"We are inspired by those who are dedicated to what they believe in, people who are willing to take a risk and have fun doing it."[4]

The team now consists of 11 athletes, with their youngest memeber, Lucas Ryan being selected at only fourteen[4].


[edit] Members

The current team members[5]

Former team members

  • Caine "Sugar" Sinclair
  • Lucas "Skywalker" Ryan

[edit] Creativity and name-giving

Team Tempest members have invented quite a few innovative movements, but the original names which they give them have been known to cause disagreement[6], as logical names which describe the movements clearly would cause less confusion.

Names which team members have given moves include dash bomb for a dash vault to front flip, screwdriver for a kong vault to fulltwist[7], and freak nasty for a front flip to cat leap[8]. However, the team have expressed that the names are what they choose, and others are free to call the moves whatever they want:

"Thanks for the naming suggestions, but that's what we call them. You can call them whatever you want."
--Paul Darnell

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