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Scott Jackson striking a pose with the one and only Davetolomy

Scott Jackson was born July 14th 1989 in Bournemouth, United Kingdom, and is a sponsored athlete of Urban Freeflow. He is well known for his cleanliness in both his parkour training and his free running moves, especially his front somersaults.


[edit] Biography

Scott Jackson was a trampolinist and placed 7th in the United Kingdom in the Under 18s category. However due to the unhealthy competitive atmosphere and ridiculous politics of trampolining he quit. Scott has posted some of the "routines" from when he trampolined on his youtube.

In October 2006 Scott officially became a n00b of freerunning when asked to be in a video with his n00by brother Adrian Jackson. They called this video "Air & Earth". This was his first instance of freerunning and he enjoyed the non-competitiveness of the sport.

Scott eventually left his state of n00bness and learnt more about the discipline of Parkour from the website SCPK especially the member Iggy.

Scott was first noticed in 2007 when he became the first person to do a "Quadruple Kong" inside a gym.

He brought out his first solo sampler out in June 2007, he simply named the video "Movement" as he did not want to get into the politics of parkour and free running.

After then going back into hibernation and training for a while again he whacked out the first "two-footed wall inward barrel roll" in Novemeber 2007. He originally had 50 'Fiddy' Cent in the background of the video however youtube were rubbish and stripped him of his music.

Inspired by the great and mighty Daniel Ilabaca, Scott then made "Monkey Gainer Training" videos showing his progression in a gym. He has yet to take this move outside however.

After a lot of Parkour and lonesome training Scott went on to make his video "Training and Suchlike". This video showed a massive progression in Scott's training and some more notable freerunners started noticing his "Mad Skillzors".

Scott Jackson then accidentally owned the parkour world by doing a "Climb Up to Feet" whilst some female did the splits on a wall. Scott then made up some variations of this including the "Climb Up and Over" and the "Climb up to feet twist thing".

Scott then decided to get sponsored. He created an uber video called "Scott Jackson 2008/2009" This video proclaims that he has been a dick for 19 years. It also got him promptly sponsored by Urban Freeflow.

He then brought out a fun video on his smaller channel called "Garden Training: Two". This video showed him and his brother Adrian Jackson training in their back garden. It showed the first Neck Devil Drop and other variations of the devil drop using his brother's feet and hands. This video also showed the beginning of the Static Dash Bomb also known as the Bum Front by Scott's girlfriend (Which is a much better name). This video showed another new move that the vast majority did not pick up on. This new move was the Sackson Swipe, many people mistook this for an angel drop 360/full.

Scott's first video as a sponsored athlete "May Stuff" sent ripples through the freerunning community and most people came over the ridiculously clean back tuck at 0:34 seconds in.Surprisingly no-one really appreciate his back somersault dismount to rail precisions in the video.

[edit] Inspirations

Scott has had many inspirations whilst training and in life. Some of those are:

[edit] Ambitions

Scott is well-known in Bournemouth for his friendly and helpful advice whilst training.

He is also well-known as a coach and would like to continue coaching parkour and free running and thinks Freestye Gymnastics is a fucking joke.

Scott plans to continue making videos that are enjoyable to watch and shows his progress.

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