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This article is not intended to be taken seriously.
If when reading this article you find yourself not laughing, check your pulse. You may be dead.

The term STANDING FRONT refers to 3Run forum member Phill Kruglov's on-going lie concerning his ability to land a frontflip without any kind of run up, with straight legs, better than all the people in the UK[1] on flat ground, and all the controversy surrounding it.

Many forum members have compared Phill's behaviour to Risky's, as both members have built a strong reputation for lying.


[edit] The claim

On February 24, 2009, 3RUN forum member MARV created a topic asking for advice on standing frontflips[2]. Phill soon replied with his words of reassurance

jump up, tuck tight, rotate fast, pray, land. nah srsly mate they are easy....
i found one thing that helps me is by leanning ("falling") forwards abit before i jump.. that gives me extra spin..
so yea i actualy - lean forward, jump up, monster tuck, pray, land.

It was presumed that Phill made the mistake of thinking that MARV was referring to frontflips from height, which was pointed out to him, but he insisted that he was correct

me too james.. they are easy.. and i saw loads of people lend them straight.. the leanning forwards really does help.. try it..
i find them pretty easy....... maybe my technique just got right from the beginning.. i do pretty much what you said but i bend forward..
i think you guys in the uk can do anything except standing fronts.. the guys in israel can do nothing except them haha

[edit] The excuses

  • haha actually im kinda in the edge of moving home so i dont have time for gym..
  • "also i got injured 4 days ago, got into the sea running, but didn't notice the big slippy underwater rock that cut half of my foot"[3]
  • "kk ill get you some pictures of my injury..."
    Excuses for not taking a photo of his foot injury
  • "ill do et on morning, im lazy now.."
  • "i am too lazy to pic it, connect my phone, resize the picture, upload it and post it :X"[4]
  • "its holidays now (61 years since Israel was declared and stuffz) so im drunk of my ass and i dont really care about the pics.."[5]
  • "i decided to keep silence until i get the vid.. aka until i go to gym.."[6]

[edit] SFPA and propaganda

When they saw how outrageous Phill's claims were, many members of the 3Run forums joined together to form the SFPA (Standing Front Propaganda Army). Their goal was simple: a clip of Phill Kruglov attempting a standing frontflip had to be uploaded on youtube as soon as possible.

[edit] Spam operations

One of the first goal of the SFPA was for the two words standing front to appear as many times as possible on forums' threads. Extra points were given to agents who either wrote it in capital letters, as an answer to one of Phill's posts or hide it as a joke.

Today, searching the words standing and front on the 3Run forums will show more than 550 results.[7]

[edit] Video propaganda

[edit] Evidence of Phill's incapacity

Many months after making the original claim, Phill uploaded a teaser sampler which included a standing frontflip[10]. However, the frontflip was from a height of about 5 feet, and he even managed to get his head below the level he took off from. When challenged on this, he insisted that he was "experimenting flips from height"[11].

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