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Ryan Anthony Doyle


[edit] Biography

Ryan Doyle (born September 22, 1984[1]), from Liverpool, UK, is a world champion free runner, after winning the Red Bull Art of Motion competition in 2007[2], with a strong interest in martial arts. He started free running professionally when he was 18[3].

Ryan is known in Liverpool as one of the founders of and teachers at Airborn Entertainment, who run classes aimed at teaching parkour, freerunning and martial arts tricking to children[citation needed]. Through popularity and exceeding 100 students per-week, Ryan's Airborn Entertainment has become the biggest freerunning academy in the UK. Ryan is also currently a part of the WFPF, and was seen on MTVs Ultimate Parkour Challenge.

His Youtube videos have gained him a lot of recognition, with Crazy Park Day exceeding 250,000 views[4].

Ryan is a Red Bull athlete and is pioneering the way forward for upcoming athletes, bringing his own experiences with the philosophical benefits of living and training without fear.

Ryan Doyle, Red Bull

[edit] Competitions

On October 6, 2007 Ryan took part in the first Red Bull Art of Motion competition in Vienna, Austria. He attempted a 720 cork from height onto a thick crash mat from a 12-foot drop, but missed the crash mat and landed on concrete causing his shin bone to snap in two.[5]

Before the operation he was warned that it was a limb-threatening break. He had a metal plate on his fibula and a 30cm bar down the core of his shin bone. Clear footage of the accident wasn't released until 2 years later.[5] He was awarded first place for his effort.

After returning home and considering giving up free running, he realised that it was his life and there was no way he could give up, so through his determination he was able to get back on his feet and start free running again.[5]

Ryan has also acheived many titles in Martial Arts Tricking Tournaments. He first became the Nation Extreme Tricks champion in 2006, then again in 2007, 2009 and 2010

Doyle was the winner of the 3rd episode of the MTV`s series Ultimate Parkour Challenge in 2010

Ryan Doyle in feature film Shinobi Code

[edit] Film/TV Appearences

  • UEFA Champions' League Advert (2008)
    Ryan Doyle and Daniel Ilabaca were among the free runners and trickers appearing in a commercial shown regularly on Sky Sports to promote the Champions' League in which he performed various tricks and martial arts kicks on a computer-generated football around central London South Bank.[6].

  • Axwell - I Found You
    Ryan performed stunts in the official music video[citation needed].

  • Untouched - Smack Me
    Ryan was the break dancer and edited the official music video[1]

  • Aiborn Entertainment - Sacrifice, Redemption, and WILD
    Ryan starred in and also directed the fight scenes
    Ryan Doyle, Terry Cheung, and Airborn Entertainment are currently working on feature film Shinobi Code.

Ryan Doyle in Sacrifice

[edit] Media

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[edit] Notes

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