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Rayden, also known as a palm frontflip, is similar to a palm flip, but with a front flip instead of a back flip after pushing away with the hands.

A variation is the one step rayden, which involves taking a step on the wall before performing the Rayden[1]. However, some argue that this should not be counted as a Rayden but rather a wall inward frontflip with assistance from the hands[2].


[edit] History

[edit] Ben "Jenx" Jenkin

Jenx is the actual inventor of this move, first landing it on his garden trampoline and giving it the name Jenx flip [3].

[edit] Victor "Showtime" Lopez

Team Tempest's Showtime landed it first on plyo[4] and gave it the name Rayden, after a character from the video game Mortal Kombat[5][6], whose special move looks the same, but with a double frontflip. The name Rayden is now the name commonly used in the community[7].

[edit] Notes

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