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Still from Free Your Mind

Festival Pier, or colloquially sand, is a free running hotspot on London's South Bank, a short walk away from Jubilee Gardens. The pier itself is not used for free running. It is the river beach ('sand') next to it and stone steps leading down to the sand that are used for these disciplines. Various flips and other free running tricks are commonly practised in this hotspot, for the reason that the steps allow for varying heights to perform tricks from and the sand provides a soft landing.

It is one of a few outdoor locations that can replicate the sense of safety that a gym can, and one of the few spots on the South Bank where you can't be moved on by the security[citation needed].

The steps range in height from being level with the sand to the highest step which is around 15 feet high[citation needed]. There is also a railing separating the pedestrian area of South Bank from the sand, which is a couple of feet higher than the top step. The sand is only accessible at low tide, with the entire set of stairs being submerged at high tide.

It is one of the South Bank's most popular hotspots, and is often used as a meeting place for jams. The hotspot is usually the focal point of the annual 3RUN Family Jam[1] as a place to pull off big moves.

[edit] History

One of the first major videos which the location featured in was 3RUN's Free Your Mind, featuring moves such as a layout gainer from the railing by Chase, and front flips from the highest steps by other team members[2].

The spot has remained largely unchanged over the years, with the only real maintenance work being the very rare cleaning of graffiti and moss from the concrete.

[edit] Transport links

London Underground:

  • Waterloo tube station for Jubilee, Northern and Bakerloo lines
  • Embankment tube station is a short walk over the Hungerford Bridge

National Rail:

  • Waterloo railway station for National Rail
  • Charing Cross railway station (also over the Hungerford Bridge)

London River Services:

  • Waterloo Millennium Pier is a short distance upriver on the same bank
  • Embankment Pier (also over the Hungerford Bridge)

London Buses: Buses stopping on Waterloo Bridge are the nearest services.

[edit] Notes

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