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The cat leap, also known as an arm jump or saut de bras[1] is a parkour move which involves landing a jump by grabbing onto the edge of the wall. The legs usually hit the side of the wall first and are used to absorb the impact of the jump before the fingers grip over the top of the wall. The name cat leap originates from the name Urban Freeflow gave to the move[citation needed]. Cat leaps are often seen from running or standing, depending on the set-up and the distance of the gap.

[edit] Cat position

The position which the cat leap is landed in, without necessarily involving the initial leap part, is sometimes referred to as the cat position or just cat. In most cases, a climb up is used to get yourself onto the obstacle, after a cat leap.

Also, flip (angel drop, devil drop, etc.) s can be done from the cat position.

[edit] Common combinations and variations

  • Cat to cat
    The cat to cat, which involves kicking off a wall whilst in the cat position and landing in the same position on a parallel wall. The most effective technique is to pop up the wall as if performing a climb-up before kicking off as late and high up the wall as possible.
  • Kong to cat
    A kong vault leading straight into a cat leap onto a wall (without the feet touching the ground). Other vaults such as the reverse or dash vault can also be linked to a cat leap.
  • 360 cat
    A 360 degree spin is performed after jumping and before grabbing onto the wall. This is seen from both running and standing, and, unlike the other variations, is only seen as a free running move as it isn't efficient under any circumstances so has no part in parkour.

[edit] Notes

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