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Cane Armitage

Cane Armitage (born Feb 20, 1991[1]) is a member of the 3RUN team along with his two older brothers, Cole and Chase Armitage. He is not actually listed on the profiles page of the 3RUN website[2], but he can be seen wearing the 3RUN team shirt on many occasions in his sampler[3] and is described as the "newest member of 3RUN action team" on Chase's YouTube account[4].


[edit] Biography

Cane first became known in the free running community in late 2008 with the release of his first major sampler Endeavour[3]. He had uploaded personal videos previously to his own Youtube account[5], but the videos were given very little exposure and remained largely undiscovered. Endeavour was uploaded to his brother Chase's YouTube channel, where it received much attention.

In Summer 2009, he seriously broke his arm after over-rotating a frontflip over an extremely large roof gap (previosly jumped by Chris Lodge in the Velocity Promo) and landed straight on his arms and knees[6]. . He is making a steady recovery from the injury, and plans to get back into training as soon as his arm heals[7]

He has healed and released a new video titled Redemption,

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