Teige Matthews-Palmer

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Teige Matthews-Palmer, also known as TegHead on Youtube, is a traceur from England. He is well known for his super efficient parkour without clean technique. He believes that weight training, especially squats, are some of the best exercise for the physical preparation for parkour.[citation needed] He is well known for his revolutionary and funny videos on youtube that showcase his great parkour abilities.

[edit] Media

  • Rage Froobling - Half-joke, half-revolution, Teige's Rage Froobling videos had alot of impact on the parkour community. In those videos, Teige and his friends pratice a form of parkour where the speed and efficiency of movements matter more than their perfect execution.[1]
  • Alley Quickie
  • Jangerary
  • Furyrary
  • Bosubusosobusubo
  • Sproinking the Envirohurdles

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[edit] Notes

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